Anna Burgess Yang


Anna has the rare ability to convey complex ideas in a way that’s easy to understand. Confidence permeates the pieces she writes. Her submissions are strong on substance, structured logically, and delivered to spec.

Jacqueline Hilgert | Editor in Chief

BankBeat Magazine

Anna is an incredible writer who quickly picked up our content nuances. She is very productive, independent, and consistent.

Ryan Baum | Content Lead


I was thoroughly impressed with Anna's ability to grasp the unique value prop / positioning of our company. In addition, Anna did an amazing job of holding our team accountable on deliverables, in order to make sure that every project was completed in a timely fashion.

Tara Nesbitt | Head of Partner Marketing


Anna brought order to a difficult client and created some of the most technical pieces I've had the pleasure of reading. And above all else, she's a joy to work with. Any organization would be lucky to have Anna's content and organizational prowess.

John Shieldsmith | Sr. Content Marketer


Throughout our collaboration, she consistently delivered high-quality, engaging content that exceeded my expectations.

Shraddha Chouhan | CMO